Car Body Types: Which Style is Right for You?

There are various car body types and each have their own pros and cons, which are better for different kinds of drivers. If you’re a first time buyer or you’ve never been able to pick your car before and you want to find the perfect body style for you, check out this guide.

Subcompacts and compacts: These models are shorter and generally not as powerful, but usually highly fuel-efficient because of their small size. Subcompact and compact sedans, as well as hatchbacks are ideal cars for city drivers, but some of them might lack cargo space.

Midsize sedans: Midsize sedans are the happy medium of the sedan world, spacious enough for your family to be comfortable, but not so large they’re difficult to get around in. They are also more efficient than larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVS. However, they tend to have less power and cargo space, though.

Full-size sedans: These cars provide lots of interior space, increased engine power, and lots of cargo room, but they’re normally not as efficient as smaller cars, unless you opt for a hybrid model.

Coupes/Convertibles: These cars tend to be sportier than sedans and are super stylish, but if you need frequent access to the backseat it can be a hassle.

Crossovers: Crossover Utility Vehicles (CUVs) are SUV-shaped and built on a sedan platform, so they’re not as heavy duty. If you need the space of an SUV, but not the rugged capabilities or the same high price tag, this is a great choice thanks to superior fuel economy.

SUVs: These vehicles are heavy-duty and spacious, but usually not at all that fuel-efficient. These also tend to have third-row seating either standard or optional.

Minivans: These are some of the biggest vehicles available and offer tons of seating and storage space, but they’re also the least fuel-efficient.

Trucks: If you need the ability to tow and haul large loads, then a truck is the best choice, but their cabs are usually not as comfortable as a car or SUV, so they don’t make fantastic family cars.

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