Dick Dyer Mercedes – Blog – Parking in the New Mercedes-Benz? No Problem!

One of the worst parts about parking on the city street is, well, everything! The circling around, looking for a space is incredibly daunting. But thanks to new technology, parking in the new Mercedes-Benz will be a breeze!

A pilot program for this is being tested in Stuttgart, Germany. The program will use built-in ultrasound sensors in the Mercedes E-Class sedan to alert the driver when a space is free on the street. It works by using the sensors to find a space that is big enough for your car to fit. First, it will give you the probability of finding an open spot on the street, but then it gets even better.

This technology will also show you (on your touchscreen) a digital parking map that can lead you to the open spots, even telling you how big those spaces are. It makes parking even easier! This technology can detect spaces even when you’re driving as much as 34 mph.

Don’t expect this technology right away, though. Mercedes-Benz is still in the testing process, so it might be a little while longer until you can take advantage of this luxury technology. For now, you’ll just have to park the old-fashioned way!

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