How to Fix a Dent

While owning a car is great, it comes with certain responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to fix minor damage as it comes along. Instead of paying someone else to fix these issues, you can learn how to handle them on your own. Here are two simple methods to fix a dent in your car.


Method 1

For the first method, all that you need is some sort of plunger or suction cup. This could even be the plunger from your bathroom. To fix the dent, simply place the suction cup around the dent and plunge as you normally would. This should pop the dent right back into place.

Method 2

If the first method doesn’t work, or you want to try something different, try the hairdryer method. For this method, you need a hairdryer and a source of cold (ice or an upside-down computer duster will work). First, heat up the area around the dent with the hairdryer. Be sure not to place the heat source too close to the car. Once the area is sufficiently warm and malleable, apply the ice. The contrast in temperature should pop the dent back into place.

For more major damage, it’s best to contact a professional at Dick Dyer Mercedes.

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