Mercedes-AMG’s Latest Project – Gullwing Door Potential?

Dick Dyer Mercedes is abuzz with some news on the Mercedes-AMG front. The new, upcoming hypercar, referred to now as “Project One,” was first mentioned at the Paris Auto Show last year. It’s set to make its official debut at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, in perfect timing with AMG’s 50th anniversary. Deliveries of “Project One” are expected to start next year.

So what’s so special about Mercedes-AMG’s latest project? Well, for one thing, this hypercar is expected to offer at least 1,000 horsepower. That was the first big announcement. But as we’re getting closer to the big reveal, new hints about the new hypercar’s design are coming into the light. Recently, Mercedes-Benz designer Gorden Wagener dropped teasers about the new car’s design. He even mentioned the possibility of gullwing doors.

As a whole, the design of “Project One” is founded in the aerodynamic lines inspired by F1 design, combined with the traditional, sleek silhouettes of classic Mercedes. The only comment about the doors is that, as Wagener put it, they won’t be “regular doors.” But we wouldn’t put it past Mercedes to deck out “Project One” with some gullwing doors, which seems like the perfect touch to this hypercar.

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