Mercedes Autonomous Bus Concept Unveiled

The all-new Mercedes autonomous bus concept was revealed on July 19th in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The bus completed a 12-mile journey, which included taking turns, intersections, and tunnels, without any driver input.

Mercedes-Benz’s autonomous driving technology is called CityPilot, which uses various monitoring systems, sensing technologies, GPS services, and vehicle-to-object communication to let the vehicle know when objects or other vehicles are close, when other vehicles slow down in front of it, and more. It uses the GPS to follow the bus route and constantly updates map data to redirect around detours. It’s even designed to be able to interact with the city’s infrastructure, which feeds it information about when lights change.

The MB bus is not fully autonomous, as driver input is still needed in oncoming traffic and tricky intersections, which the technology can’t fully account for. But it’s ideal for taking stress and menial tasks off the driver like pulling up to bus stops between closely parked cars. There’s nothing stopping the driver from taking over control if it becomes necessary.

The German luxury automotive company based CityPilot on its Highway Pilot Connect technology, which it has been developing to use in fully autonomous trucks. This technology debuted in 2014 and aimed to make long distance transport in semi-trucks safer.

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