Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Connectivity to Include Google Home, Amazon Alexa

These days, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are increasingly more intelligent, loaded with the cutting edge of technology in automobiles. Innovative autonomous software allows the brand’s vehicles to keep passengers safer than ever, while the mbrace® system keeps drivers’ smartphones connected on the go so they can make calls and listen to their favorite music. Now, Mercedes-Benz vehicle connectivity is set to expand once again, with the inclusion of not just smartphones, but home devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, too.

While Mercedes is not the very first brand to integrate home devices, it will allow Mercedes-Benz drivers a new level of connection with their vehicle. Google Home and Amazon Alexa users who own Mercedes vehicles will be able to utilize remote start as well as remote lock and unlock features in addition to sending their vehicle’s GPS navigation information in advance.

This convenience will be available for Mercedes drivers all across the country soon. All you have to do is pair the apps for Mercedes Me and the home device of your choice, as well as connect either Google Home or Amazon Alexa to your Mercedes Me account, and you’re set.

We at Dick Dyer Mercedes think this next stride in Mercedes-Benz vehicle connectivity puts the brand miles ahead of the competition in everyday convenience and luxury.

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