Road Trip Hacks for a Better Vacation


Road trips can be fun, but they can also be tiring. If you want your road trips to go a little easier, here are some road trip hacks for the next time you hit the road.

Be Flexible

Having a plan is ideal, but make sure it’s a plan that can change. If you plan your stops ahead of time, whether it’s a food break or sightseeing stop, these plans might get changed. Avoid disappointment and chaos by having a looser plan.

Pack Cash

One of the biggest problems you can run into on a road trip is no cash for tolls. Since toll booths still only accept cash as payment, make sure you have plenty stashed away.

Bring a Spare Key

You definitely don’t want to be locked out of your car when you’re not home. Make sure you bring an extra key with you and that it stays on you at all times.

Anticipate Traffic

Do some research on your route and when traffic is most common so that you can anticipate when you’ll be stopped in traffic. Planning around this saves you from situations where you would run out of gas or be stuck without a bathroom.

Whether your next road trip is ten hours or ten days, be sure to consider these tips when you get behind the wheel. Be sure to check out Dick Dyer Mercedes inventory for any new vehicle for your road trip as well!

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