Spring Gardening Tips for Beautiful Plants


Spring is finally here, and it’s time to start gardening! Hopefully, if we get planting now, these April showers will bring May flowers. Get creative with some of these fun gardening tips and ideas!

For anyone living in an apartment or any space where you don’t have a lawn or garden, it might seem like there’s no way you can grow your own edible plants. However, as long as you get some natural light, almost any home can support indoor gardening. Stick plants on your windowsills or under a skylight, or even install grow lights to put them in less sunny areas.

Indoor gardening is also a great way to save plants that are still ripening when it’s starting to get cold, or when a random cold front comes through. Save plants like tomatoes by pulling the plants up and putting them in a pot inside.

Use your new flower beds as a way to take up flower arranging! According to experts, floral arrangements are all about color balance, with some primary colors in the center surrounded by secondary colors, as well as foliage like leaves to offset the bright colors.


Our team here at Dick Dyer Mercedes is wishing you luck with all your gardening endeavors!

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